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poems and the end of the World

Led by Caylin Capra-Thomas

Course description:

In this class, we will explore how poetry can be used to navigate change, generational shifts, modernity, and the threats to humanity, real or imagined. We will read poems that address these anxieties, and we will write poems that respond to them or embody our own.

This course is meant to serve as both a critical exploration as well as a cathartic exercise. Students will come away with an understanding of how poets are creating work about and in the face of various endings int the past and hypothetical future. As this class will follow a workshop format, students will receive take-home prompts, write their own poems, and bring them to class. In class, we will share these poems, and students will give and receive feedback. Students will also receive written instructor feedback.

Time & Dates: Each class will be held from 7:30p-9:30p.

Week 1: November 8

Week 2: November 15

No class Thanksgiving Week

Week 3: November 29

Week 4: December 6

Week 5: December 13

Cost: $100. A 10% discount is available to students. (Flexible payments plans available.)

Gadzooks! 100 smackers? The one-day classes were free!

Poems and the End of the World is a five-week course with significant instructor involvement. Part of the course fee compensates the labor of designing the course, leading it, and providing written feedback. The other part of the fee goes towards compensating Third House Books for use of the space.

If you are unable to afford the one-time payment, don't hesitate to to contact us or stop in and we will be flexible to best accommodate you.

Registration and Payment

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