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Amanda Garrigues Reads Wally and the Whatifs

  • Third House Books & Coffee 113 North Main Street Gainesville, FL, 32601 United States (map)

Join us this Saturday for a special reading by local children's author Amanda Garrigues! She will reading from her book, Wally and the Whatifs.

Wally and the Whatifs is a story a about a little boy who has a bad case of the Whatifs. The Whatifs are his angst, his monkey mind, his anxiety. The Whatifs plague him daily, and they are constantly breaking him. We see Wally fighting off the Whatifs to the best of his ability. Until one day, his Mom suggests he face the Whatifs and see what happens. He really doesn't think he can do it, until he instantly becomes friends with a little boy named Henry. His relationship with Henry and the suggestion from his Mom gives him the courage to start facing these Whatifs; this anxiety that has so gripped him. As he does this, the Whatifs start to lose their power over him, and by the end of the book, he doesn't hear the Whatifs at all.

This book isn’t just for children but for adults as well. We all have those Whatifs, and sometimes we are filled with anxiety and fear. The beautiful part of this, is that when we face what we are most afraid of, it lessens, it shrinks and it might even go away.

The main things to remember when you read Wally and the Whatifs is that:

It’s okay
We’re here for you
You’re not alone

Amanda Garrigues hails from Gainesville, FL and has spent most of her adult life as a singer/songwriter. Amanda has anxiety, and because of that she felt compelled to write Wally and Whatifs: a story about a little boy who has a bad case of the Whatifs. Amanda has Whatifs, like we all do, and writing this book has helped her face her own.

This event is free and open to the public.