The Green Amendment: Securing Our Right To A Healthy Environment

by Maya K. van Rossum

For our March meetup we are very excited to host author of The Green Amendment, Maya K. van Rossum! Come join us in the Beer Garden at First Magnitude Brewing Company!

In the decades long fight for a cleaner environment, we’ve been fighting a losing battle. The sad truth is, our laws are designed to accommodate pollution rather than prevent it. People feel powerless when it comes to preserving the quality of their water, air, public parks, and special natural spaces.

The solution, argues Delaware Riverkeeper Maya K. van Rossum in a pathbreaking book, is to bypass the laws and turn to the ultimate authority: our state and federal constitutions. In 2013, van Rossum and her team won a watershed legal victory that not only protected Pennsylvania communities from ruthless frackers, but affirmed the constitutional right of people in the state to a clean and healthy environment.

Following this victory, van Rossum inaugurated the Green Amendment movement, dedicated to empowering every American community to mobilize for constitutional change. In The Green Amendment, van Rossum lays out an inspiring new agenda for environmental advocacy, one that will finally empower people.

We all have the right to pure water, clean air, and a healthy environment. It’s time to claim that right—for our own sake and that of future generations.

The Green Amendment includes a powerful forward authored by Mark Ruffalo, which supports the visionary constitutional path advocated for in the book.

Learn more about Maya K. van Rossum here!

Meet up: Tuesday, March 27 @7PM at First Magnitude Brewing Company.

The meet up is free and open to the public.

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The Green Amendment: Securing Our Right To A Healthy Environment

Author: Maya K. van Rossum

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Published: Disruption Books (November 14, 2017)

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